Saturday, June 7, 2008

Teresita's empanadas

Today was a wonderful day. Jordana and I discovered a beautiful little town outside of Buenos Aires called Adrogue. There we spent the day learning to make empanadas with Teresita. By 11 a.m., Jordana and I and Jenny, an Australian guest staying in Teresita's B&B, began our lesson. We learned to make corn empanadas with yellow pepper, corn, and onions as well as meat empanadas with green olives, a hard boiled egg, and lots of spices in both types. We made the dough, rolled it out, and then stuffed and shaped them. We baked half and deep-fried the other half. Then we got to eat them sitting in her lovely yard, sipping wine, and sharing stories. Finally, her neighbor's cousin (Luis and his wife Celia) drove us back to Palermo Soho. They shared stories of growing up in Adrogue and spoke to us in Spanish and English. We adored all of them and had a terrific time learning to make empanadas. Before leaving, we arranged for Jordana and my parents to return for a day to Teresita's to learn to make Brazilian fish!


David Orcutt said...

The empanadas sound delicious. Great photos of your trip!

Frances said...

You guys are having a blast! How fun. One of the best things Juliet, Charlotte and I did in Italy last summer was to take a pizza-making class. There's something so inviting about learning to cook the cuisine of another culture.


Anonymous said...

Im going to Argentina, and will rent an apartment in Buenos Aires. I´ve heard a lot about "empanadas", so I definitely will try them! Can you recommend me a good place to eat them??