Thursday, June 5, 2008

Images of Palermo Viejo

So, we live in the coolest section of Buenos Aires called Palermo Viejo, which itself is divided into Palermo Soho (where we are) and Palermo Hollywood (across the tracks.) Until the 1990s, it was kind've a rundown area that had been lived in by Eastern Europeans and Armenians. In the 1990's, it's been discovered by artists, fashion designers, and chefs. Now, it's filled with great shops and amazing little restaurants. The streets are cobble-stoned, and most of the buildings are 1 or 2 stories high. But it remains a mix -- old, boarded-up buildings, next to trendy clubs, next to car repair shops and tobacco exporters. Jordana and I have had a terrific time checking it all out and have three favorite restaurants here -- El Preferido, Miranda, and Social Paraiso.

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